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American Foam & Packaging is a custom foam fabricator specializing in Polyethylene, Polyurethane (Ethers and Esters) and Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) foams. We have a dedicated team of designers, sales reps, customer service and production personnel ready to help meet your customer’s foam packaging needs. From concept to finished product, our designers can help you create new packaging for your customer’s products, reduce the size of their existing packaging or substitute their current packaging to a more environmentally friendly material.


We pride ourselves on servicing distributors and brokers exclusively since 1993. Our Sales Team will work with your buyers and sales reps on new quotes or with your end-users to create new packaging.  We will work with you in the way that is most convenient to your business needs. We consider ourselves a part of your team to help provide a cost effective and sustainable product that fits your customer’s entire packaging needs.


Our customer service team will help you and your buyers with your order needs by confirming orders within 24 hours. They can update your order status, move delivery dates or change split shipment quantities. They can also set up your account so you will receive electronic packing slips and invoices when your order ships.


We have automated equipment that can quickly and economically fabricate your orders. We can cut, die cut and glue your orders on our automated equipment. Our investment in equipment will not only give you a competitive price, but also allows us to meet your customers rush order needs. We have built scalable production systems that will deliver your large orders in a timely manner.


American Foam & Packaging’s versatility of design allows us to design packaging for all major industries, including electronics, computers, tools, circuit boards, furniture, medical equipment, aerospace, cosmetics, telecommunications and all other industries utilizing foam packaging.


The next time you have new packaging needs, take a step forward and please give us a call.



Protective Packaging Products

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